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TSM-1000 is one of the smallest designed facing tools on the market today. The machine is powered by an air cooled 18V-Li Metabo battery motor and the total working weight of the machine is 6 lbs.   The design of this machine makes it easy to use on job sites – making hard-to-reach areas easily accessible due to it’s small size. 

It has a battery powered motor, which will last for 2+ hours, with a 15 min. recharge.  Collets are made from Stainless Steel material and are self-locking into the cutter to hold the collets in place.

• Size range 1/8” to 1” (3.175 mm - 25.4 mm)

• 18V Metabo air cooled Li powered battery motor           

• Easy replacement of collets and size ranges

• Uses Stainless Steel collet set (upper / lower)
• 6 lbs. (2.6 kg) approximate working weight                   

• Faces most metals and plastics, including high nickel materials   
• Tool bit designed to keep chip out of polished ID   

• Tool bits are designed to work on the following materials: stainless steel, inconel,   hastelloy, carbon steels, aluminum, and a variety of other alloys. 

• Single mandrel with mandrel blades to cover size ranges

 TSM-1000 (kit includes: Battery and Charger, two tool bits, customer carrying case, tools for the machine)
TSM 1000 with battery powered motor, including TSM-1000-10-BP
TSM 1000 with battery powered 230volt motor, including TSM-1000-10-BP-230
 Collets for TSM-1000  
 Standard Collets (Inches)
1/8" TUBE COLLET  TSM-1001
1/4" TUBE COLLET  TSM-1002
1/2" TUBE COLLET  TSM-1004
5/8" TUBE COLLET  TSM-1005
3/4" TUBE COLLET  TSM-1006
7/8" TUBE COLLET  TSM-1007
 Standard Collets (Millimeters)
6mm TUBE COLLET  M1-011
8mm TUBE COLLET  M1-013
10mm TUBE COLLET  M1-014
12mm TUBE COLLET  M1-015
14mm TUBE COLLET  M1-017
15mm TUBE COLLET  M1-018
18mm TUBE COLLET  M1-019
22mm TUBE COLLET  M1-020
25mm TUBE COLLET  M1-021
 Tool Bits for TSM-1000  
TB-1009-LC Standard tool bit for SS Material
 Note: Machine Kit includes two TB-1009-LC's

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